Top 5 Must have Merle Norman Products

We are a bunch of small town Merle Norman Girls for sure.  Honestly, we’ve never used any other cosmetic products.  So maybe we are a little biased but we love our Merle Norman and thought we should share just a few of must haves.

It’s truly not possible to limit fav MN products to just five but here’s a try:

Fresh-n-Fair Toner – Why?  Because it’s been around for a long time and it is proven to remove all impurities and leave your face refreshingly clean and ready for your make-up application.
freshnfairLip Revive – Why?  Because it makes your lips feel amazing.  When worn daily, you will very rarely suffer from chapped lips in any weather.


Fine Line Minimizer –  Why?  Because it truly reduces fine lines making skin more youthful.  And it feels so good you would wish that it was sold by the gallon just so you could put it over your entire body.


Lasting Foundation –  Why?  Because it is a light weight foundation that stays put in the humid Arkansas climate.  You can run a race or work outside all day.  When you come in you still looking great.  Truly, a great foundation.


Powder Base – Why?  Because this is an original Merle Norman Foundation from way back in 1931.  No better reason than it has stood the test of time and it is awesome for protecting against the drying effects of the sun and wind.   01228

There will always be trends that come and go.  Merle Norman is a cosmetic line that is built, first and foremost, around using proper products now to achieve better, younger looking skin in the future.  Your future self will thank you if you give Merle Norman’s wide array of skin care products a try.  And yes, foundation is considered a skin care product as it is the last line in the defense of your face.  Most every Merle Norman foundation has an SPF factor of 12 or more.

Come  by to visit us Merle Norman/Blingz Jeanz and Thingz, 312 N. First Street, Glenwood, Arkansas, for a foundation check, skin care assessment, or express makeover. Or, better yet, call for an appointment to come by for a free express facial.  Then you can try on one or all of our skin care products for FREE.


And if you want to order from us, you can certainly give us a call at (870)356-3310.  We will get it shipped right out to you!

Thanks for stopping by our little Blog.  Hope to hear back from you with any questions or comments.

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