Meet the Blingz Girlz Staff

We are the Blingz Girlz Staff.  We hope you stop by to visit our little boutique soon.  We are always striving to keep it interesting both online and in the store.  We would love to see you in person too.  You can find us in Glenwood –  Blingz Jeanz and Thingz located at 312 N. First Street, Glenwood, AR  71943.  Be sure to contact us if you have any questions at all.  Our phone number is (870)356-3310 and email is We would love to visit with you.

Just a little about each of us.

Jan is the lawyer who secretly (or not so secretly) really just wants to run the boutique.  But duty calls, so she has to spend most of her time at the law office next door with a few “breaks” between clients to hop on over to the store which is right next door.  As mentioned in our blog from February 4, 2018, we are Merle Norman first and foremost.  There would be no BJT,, or Blingz, Jeanz and Thingz, if Jan’s Nanny hadn’t opened the Merle Norman Studio in 1971.  That’s where Jan’s love for retail sales began.  It has literally always been a place to come home to (because back in the day the Merle Studio was in Nan’s house.)

But the place couldn’t run without Paula.  She is the super duper creative one that designs all of the tees – yep that’s right we even have a little custom screen printing business too – and keeps the store fun, funky, interesting and exciting.  She and Jan have been BFFs since they graduated from Glenwood High School in 1986.  Not many people can say that they have remained friends for so many years.  They compliment each other so well and if not at the store they can usually be found at the Helping Hand Store in town, at an auction, or at yard sale looking for another item to add to the display pieces needed for the next vignette they have in mind.  You truly never know what to expect in the store because the two of them are always changing things up.

Jan and Paula

Erin is Jan’s secretary at the law office.  She really says that she prefers being at the law office instead of the store.  How can that be?  Really???? We are glad someone likes to stay over there because it sure isn’t as fun as the store.  But, Erin is interested in BJT. She is pretty good at suggesting what the next trend may be.  She and Jan can be dangerous when they get together to order for the store.  So much so, that sometimes they get in a little trouble from Paula – who is much more conservative in her ordering that Jan or Erin.

Kobie is one of our special part-timers.  She worked for us while in high school but quit briefly when she started college.  Over Christmas Break a few years back, Jan saw her our at El Diamante (which is Jan and Erin’s FAV local restaurant) and asked her to work over the holiday.  She came right over and has been with us ever since.  Kobie is so smart and talented.  She can do anything that we challenge her to do.  And we can be quiet challenging sometimes.  When Jan decided to launch, Kobie caught on so quickly and made it easy to depend on her to keep up with the website.  We love her so very much!  BTW she’s getting married soon, so we will keep you updated with pics of Kobie’s BIG Day!

Madi is another one of our part-timers.  She is such a sweet soul.  She came on board and brought to us her talent for photography.  When it was suggested that we should have some models for our posts, she went above and beyond do organize photo shoots with local girls.  She and Kobie both have been awesome in helping to set up our Blingz Girlz Ambassador program to allow local girls to help us out with modeling and sharing the word about BJT.

So, as you can tell, we are an eclectic crew of Girlz and wanted you to know a few things about who we are.  We truly love what we do.  Life would not be the same without the opportunity to serve our customers and the truly good times that we have at Blingz.

blingz girlz staff
Jan, Paula, Kobie, and Madi – The Blingz Girlz Staff

Much love to you all and shop on!   Love BJT

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