We’re Back!!!! Dallas Apparel Market

It hasn’t even been a week since we were here in the Big D. Now we’re back for Apparel Market. Left home at 6 am and picked up Paula’s daughter, Savannah, on the way. Got to market about 11. Got our “Star Buyer” sticker again!! Woo hoo!

You have to come to 4 consecutive markets to be a “Star Buyer”. Guess y’all can tell we try hard not to miss a market.

Paula is always winning when we come to market. If she registers you can pretty much bet she’s going to win. Her name was drawn last week. We thought she wasn’t going to get to pick it up but lo and behold Kerusso was back for Apparel Market so we got to claim her prize. Yay!

There are 15 floors at market. Seems to us that the air is a little more expensive at the top but we always like to venture up there just for the view.

We ended our day at market shopping with Entro. They had these cute little flower crowns for customers. Even though we had made fun of everyone we’d seen with one on, we plopped ’em right on our heads and took some pics with their Instagram Frame.

We’ll be back at it bright and early in the morning and will be sure to let y’all know what’s going on with us.


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