Dallas Market Day 2

The “cold” theme from Day 1 carried over to Day 2 as we started off the day with cold showers. That’s after having little sleep from noisy kids next door and adults at the elevator.

The pain we will go through just to do market. Lol. No, we really love going to market. This was the Dallas Home and Gift Market. We got a lot of home decor and gift items today. As usual we spent our whole drive home brainstorming about all the changes we are going to make to the store when we return.

We are now back home where it’s warm and snuggly but will be headed back to Dallas next week for The Dallas Apparel Market!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to shopatbjt.com or at Blingz Jeanz and Thingz.

❤ The Blingz Girlz

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