47th Anninversay Sale

Make plans to attend our 47th Anniversary Sale this Friday and Saturday in Glenwood, Arkansas. Nanny opened the doors to her little Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio right in her home way back then. That little business venture is still going strong all these years later and is in the third generation of family ownership. We want to celebrate with our loyal customers old and new. We will have our mobile boutique open with 30% off all items in the mobile boutique. We will be giving away some $47 gift certificates during the weekend. We will also have some special giveaways and other discounts all during the Anniversary Weekend.

Blingz Girlz – Passionate about Caddo River Festival

We Blingz Girlz are, and have always been, passionate about the community in which we live – Glenwood, Arkansas located on the banks of the Caddo River.  From the time that we were young attending Glenwood High School, we were always actively involved in community events.  We have often times reflected on what we learned from participating in parades, proms, county fairs, and all of the other activities that can only be experienced by those living in small towns and communities.   Those lessons taught us so much more than just how to make an awesome float using chicken wire and paper napkins.  They taught us life lessons.  That if we thought we could do something, then we could do that very thing.  They taught us to be creative in so many ways and that creativity is something that we use in our adult lives daily, whether it is designing a tee shirt for our sister company, Caddo Clothing Company, or decorating the store window at Merle Norman/Blingz Jeanz and Thingz or even, making a closing statement to a jury (as one Blingz Girl may be known to do).  We are so blessed to have had those experiences that even our own children in our small community no longer get to experience.

Although we are all grown up now, we have continued to be involved in community events.  Back in the early 2000s, we were faced with taking on the task of chairing the Annual Sawmill Days Festival.   This was a festival that was held in the fall.  We had absolutely no blue print to follow in putting on the event.  But, we backed our ears, got a big, thick notebook out and started organizing it step by step.  To our surprise, we were able to pull it off.   In the early days of working on Sawmill Days, a fine gentleman said to us, “if you want something done, you find a busy person to do it.”  And busy we were and have always been.  But there is definitely a sense of achievement when all of the vendors pull in to the event along with the food trucks and then the people come.   We continued to help the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce put on Sawmill Days for several years.  After our local sawmill closed, it didn’t seem right to continue with Sawmill Days.

So a few years passed with no festival in Glenwood.   In 2010, a fellow Chamber Member, Chuck Voan, approached us about starting the festival back up.  We pondered on what we should call the festival since we no longer had a sawmill.  As our area was increasingly becoming more tourism oriented, we decided to call it Caddo River Festival.  The idea behind Caddo River Festival was that we would have it earlier in the year to kick off our area’s local tourism which focused on canoeing and fishing on the Caddo River.  The first couple of years we had the festival in early June.   Then it was moved to the last weekend in April.

Photo credits to Verlin Price of Price’s Photos.

Caddo River Festival is now in it’s Ninth Year.  Wow, how time flies.  This year’s Caddo River Festival is April 27 and 28.  It is located at the intersection of Broadway and 2nd Street in Glenwood.  The festival includes free entertainment:  7:00 p.m. Saturday April 28 – Hannah Blaylock (formerly of Eden’s Edge and a native of Russellville, Arkansas) and 4:00 p.m. Saturday April 28 – Newcomer and Season 15 American Idol Participant, Ethan “Lil Skinny” Kuntz and his band, The Roosters (a native of Murfreesboro, Arkansas).    There is a 5K Run/Race that is sponsored by Centerpoint School District.  The festival includes the 2nd Annual Max Whisenant Memorial Car Show.  And no festival would be complete without festival food and crafts, so Caddo River Festival has that too.  This year’s schedule also includes exhibitions from Shannon’s School of Dance, TNT Gymnastics, and the Centerpoint Choir.  New to the festival will be Paula Erlene – a Yodeler and Dennis Fugitt – a Christian singer.  We have brought back Dewayne Hodges who is a one man show who never disappoints in his performance.

caddo fest flyer 2018 JANA

One event that the Blingz Girlz can laugh about is the annual Caddo River Festival Parade.  Everyone loves a parade, right?  Well, since we started the parade, the weather has not cooperated.  But a little rain never stopped the Blingz Girlz because as they say, “the show must go on.”  So, the parade has at times been very short….but since we started having the parade, it has gone on, rain or shine.  We are certainly praying for some good weather and warm sunshine this year and just know that it’s going to happen.

rainy parade 2



We really want the world to take notice of  the Caddo River Festival Canoe Races.  This event is sponsored by Caddo River Camping and Canoe Rentals.  If you haven’t seen one of these races, you have missed out.  SO MUCH FUN.  And, NO, the races are not on the river.  There are two canoes converted with wheels.  See picture above of one of the canoes in the parade. The teams consist of seven persons to allow for substitutions.    The canoes are pushed UP Broadway by four members and one rider.  It is a double elimination race which means that team members can be physically exhausted and unable to turn right around to start another race.   The Canoe Races have grown each year and we certainly hope to see so many more teams this year than last year.  We also hope to get the canoe races showcased on a local television station sometime soon.   We will be on KARK Channel 4 at 6:15 a.m. on April 25, so be sure to have your DVRs set to record us.


We, Blingz Girlz, are involved in many aspects of the Caddo River Festival production.  We don’t do it for any glory.  We truly do it because we love to and we love our community.  Like mentioned above, there is such a sense of achievement when the festival comes together.  And, when that happens, we can say we had a hand in giving back to our small town and that feels really good.

So, that’s just a little about us and why we are so passionate about our beloved Caddo River Festival.  We hope if you are anywhere close to Glenwood, Arkansas, on April 27 and 28, that you will come out to the festival to enjoy the activities.  After taking a break from being a vendor at the festival, we will be launching our Blingz Jeanz and Thingz Mobile Boutique at the festival this year.  We’ve been working every day to make one of a kind tees just for this mobile boutique.  We hope to see you all out and about the weekend of Caddo River Festival.


Spring Trendz at Blingz

With spring break coming up next week, all the Blingz Girlz need to be in the know about what is trending.

  1. Spring 2018 is throwing it way back with cute overalls and denim mini skirts:  This trend is reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s.  There is even a touch of acid wash in some of the denim finishes.  Denim never goes out of style.  Distressed jeans and shorts are still a good choice as we transition to warmer sunny days.overalls
  2. Life is truly a picnic with all of the gingham checked tops, rompers and dresses.  The saying everything old is new again is certainly true this year as we are seeing so many uses of these checked classics.gingham romper
  3. You can’t go wrong with stripes, stripes and more stripes.stripes.png
  4. Florals continue to sprout up again this spring and everyone loves the romantic look of a sheer, floral top or a little floral pocket tee like Gracey is wearing. floral pocket.png
  5. Going back to the basics is always a good place to start or end. You can pair our basic tops with kimonos or little cardigans for a more completed look.  But we think this basic knotted tee is perfect on our Blingz Girl – Lauren.blushing top.png


So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to our online boutique https://shopatbjt.com or stop by to see us and pick up a something new for yourself before spring break gets here.  We are located at 312 N. 1st Street, Glenwood, AR  71943.  Call with any questions (870)356-3310.

Happy Shopping and Happy Spring from BJT!

Introducing – Merle Norman’s Skintelligent Skin Care System

This is a game changer and it’s at our little Merle Norman Studio – Glenwood, Arkansas.  It is Merle Norman’s new Skintelligent Skin Care line.  Here’s a short video of this new skin care system:

STEP ONE OF THE SKINTELLIGENT SKIN CARE SYSTEM IS the Skintelligent Cleanser. It is for all skin types. What are you waitin for?  Feed your face a “smart” system featuring products that work in harmony with the skin’s natural process for optimum balance. The first step to the Skintelligent system is this comfortable exfoliating gel cleanser that revitalizes lackluster skin and improves texture. Natural seeds gently buff away dead skin cells to ensure skin is in optimum condition for receiving key ingredients, like probiotics. Encapsulated beads deliver Vitamin A, C and E to reveal fresher, younger-looking skin.

STEP TWO IS the Skintelligent Toner.  It is also for all skin types. This toner protects against environmental stressors with probiotic technology. Extracts of Alpine Willowherb and Ginseng energize hydrate and help tighten skin while reducing the appearance of pores. Together these ingredients leave skin refreshed and help absorption of serums and moisturizers.

STEP THREE IS the Skintelligent Moisturizer.  This lightweight moisturizer helps keep skin hydrated while protecting against environmental stressors with probiotic technology. Innovative Elixir-IRTM and Resveratrol help improve elasticity and texture. Together these ingredients protect and replenish skin’s moisture barrier leaving it calm and soothed.


skintelligent - 3 (2)We have free samples of these awesome new products.  Hurry in to the Studio to pick up your free sample!  We hope to see you soon.

Top 5 Must have Merle Norman Products

We are a bunch of small town Merle Norman Girls for sure.  Honestly, we’ve never used any other cosmetic products.  So maybe we are a little biased but we love our Merle Norman and thought we should share just a few of must haves.

It’s truly not possible to limit fav MN products to just five but here’s a try:

Fresh-n-Fair Toner – Why?  Because it’s been around for a long time and it is proven to remove all impurities and leave your face refreshingly clean and ready for your make-up application.
freshnfairLip Revive – Why?  Because it makes your lips feel amazing.  When worn daily, you will very rarely suffer from chapped lips in any weather.


Fine Line Minimizer –  Why?  Because it truly reduces fine lines making skin more youthful.  And it feels so good you would wish that it was sold by the gallon just so you could put it over your entire body.


Lasting Foundation –  Why?  Because it is a light weight foundation that stays put in the humid Arkansas climate.  You can run a race or work outside all day.  When you come in you still looking great.  Truly, a great foundation.


Powder Base – Why?  Because this is an original Merle Norman Foundation from way back in 1931.  No better reason than it has stood the test of time and it is awesome for protecting against the drying effects of the sun and wind.   01228

There will always be trends that come and go.  Merle Norman is a cosmetic line that is built, first and foremost, around using proper products now to achieve better, younger looking skin in the future.  Your future self will thank you if you give Merle Norman’s wide array of skin care products a try.  And yes, foundation is considered a skin care product as it is the last line in the defense of your face.  Most every Merle Norman foundation has an SPF factor of 12 or more.

Come  by to visit us Merle Norman/Blingz Jeanz and Thingz, 312 N. First Street, Glenwood, Arkansas, for a foundation check, skin care assessment, or express makeover. Or, better yet, call for an appointment to come by for a free express facial.  Then you can try on one or all of our skin care products for FREE.


And if you want to order from us, you can certainly give us a call at (870)356-3310.  We will get it shipped right out to you!

Thanks for stopping by our little Blog.  Hope to hear back from you with any questions or comments.

Meet the Blingz Girlz Staff

We are the Blingz Girlz Staff.  We hope you stop by to visit our little boutique www.shopatbjt.com soon.  We are always striving to keep it interesting both online and in the store.  We would love to see you in person too.  You can find us in Glenwood –  Blingz Jeanz and Thingz located at 312 N. First Street, Glenwood, AR  71943.  Be sure to contact us if you have any questions at all.  Our phone number is (870)356-3310 and email is shopatbjt@gmail.com. We would love to visit with you.

Just a little about each of us.

Jan is the lawyer who secretly (or not so secretly) really just wants to run the boutique.  But duty calls, so she has to spend most of her time at the law office next door with a few “breaks” between clients to hop on over to the store which is right next door.  As mentioned in our blog from February 4, 2018, we are Merle Norman first and foremost.  There would be no BJT, shopatbjt.com, or Blingz, Jeanz and Thingz, if Jan’s Nanny hadn’t opened the Merle Norman Studio in 1971.  That’s where Jan’s love for retail sales began.  It has literally always been a place to come home to (because back in the day the Merle Studio was in Nan’s house.)

But the place couldn’t run without Paula.  She is the super duper creative one that designs all of the tees – yep that’s right we even have a little custom screen printing business too – and keeps the store fun, funky, interesting and exciting.  She and Jan have been BFFs since they graduated from Glenwood High School in 1986.  Not many people can say that they have remained friends for so many years.  They compliment each other so well and if not at the store they can usually be found at the Helping Hand Store in town, at an auction, or at yard sale looking for another item to add to the display pieces needed for the next vignette they have in mind.  You truly never know what to expect in the store because the two of them are always changing things up.

Jan and Paula

Erin is Jan’s secretary at the law office.  She really says that she prefers being at the law office instead of the store.  How can that be?  Really???? We are glad someone likes to stay over there because it sure isn’t as fun as the store.  But, Erin is interested in BJT. She is pretty good at suggesting what the next trend may be.  She and Jan can be dangerous when they get together to order for the store.  So much so, that sometimes they get in a little trouble from Paula – who is much more conservative in her ordering that Jan or Erin.

Kobie is one of our special part-timers.  She worked for us while in high school but quit briefly when she started college.  Over Christmas Break a few years back, Jan saw her our at El Diamante (which is Jan and Erin’s FAV local restaurant) and asked her to work over the holiday.  She came right over and has been with us ever since.  Kobie is so smart and talented.  She can do anything that we challenge her to do.  And we can be quiet challenging sometimes.  When Jan decided to launch shopatbjt.com, Kobie caught on so quickly and made it easy to depend on her to keep up with the website.  We love her so very much!  BTW she’s getting married soon, so we will keep you updated with pics of Kobie’s BIG Day!

Madi is another one of our part-timers.  She is such a sweet soul.  She came on board and brought to us her talent for photography.  When it was suggested that we should have some models for our posts, she went above and beyond do organize photo shoots with local girls.  She and Kobie both have been awesome in helping to set up our Blingz Girlz Ambassador program to allow local girls to help us out with modeling and sharing the word about BJT.

So, as you can tell, we are an eclectic crew of Girlz and wanted you to know a few things about who we are.  We truly love what we do.  Life would not be the same without the opportunity to serve our customers and the truly good times that we have at Blingz.

blingz girlz staff
Jan, Paula, Kobie, and Madi – The Blingz Girlz Staff

Much love to you all and shop on!   Love BJT

LOVE is in the AIR

LOVE is in the air this week at BJT. We will give away a great little Loving Lips duo From Merle Norman to a lucky winner on Valentine’s Day. Just like, comment “love” and share our Facebook page Blingz Jeanz and Thingz.

And head on over to our online boutique https://shopatbjt.com/ for 20% off entire purchase. Just use CODE loveasale at checkout.

Don’t forget to stop by the store this week. We have lots of gift items that would make great Valentine’s Day gifts. You can pick up our Knockout Nudes collection from Merle Norman and be sure to wow your special date on Valentine’s Day.

We hope to see you soon either in store or online.


Nothing Ever Stays the Same at BJT

Nothing ever stays the same at Blingz Jeanz and Thingz. We are always changing things up. And with all of our new products coming in from the January markets, we just had to start getting all of the goodies out on the floor.

For those of you who don’t know the Blingz Girlz, we are dumpster divas, yard sale junkies, thrift store gypsies, and bargain hunters. We love to make the store a reflection of whatever kick we happen to be on at the time. And right now we are kind of into the farm house look. We have some really cute farm house signs. The new candles are awesome. Not only are they richly scented, but they can be reused after the candle is used up.

If one asked our worker girlz about our day, they would probably tell you that we were crazy (and that they were exhausted). But, time was limited so we had to get as much done as possible. We basically revamped the entire store. Some parts we are more pleased with than others. Pretty sure things will probably keep changing until we are 100% happy with the look. Surely all our customers will notice the refreshing changes. We had some new soaps, Finch Berry Soapery, that you have to see to believe. They would make great gifts, especially for Valentine’s Day.

So what are you waiting for, come see us soon. You will be enveloped in all the New scents, home decor, and as always our boutique clothing and shoes.


Merle Girls

My Nanny Joyce Walker opened a Merle Norman Franchise in Glenwood, Arkansas in 1971. I, Jan, played (and worked) in the Studio all of my life. When the time came to take over from Nanny, there was no question that I would. You see Merle Norman is really where it all started. There would be no BJT, Blingz Jeanz and Thingz or shopatbjt.com if Nanny had not instilled in me the love of fashion starting with make-up. Merle Norman is what we can offer in Glenwood, Arkansas, that no one locally can duplicate. We cannot sell Merle products online but we invite you to come by the store for a free facial or just to “Try Before You Buy”. Your future self will thank you for it later.

Our little Studio will be celebrating 47 years in business this year. Wow what an accomplishment for which we are most thankful. In all those years we have never been to a Merle Norman Conference. So this year since it was close by in Dallas, Texas and we decided it was time to go.

During conference, MN announced the launching of a new skin care line Skintelligent with probiotics. We can’t wait to get these products into the Studio for sale. The spring collection includes some great matte and duochrome colors that will freshen and brighten the face. We are super excited about the spring products too!

We will be introducing some collections for use in both bridal and prom makeovers and would love for our customers to stop in to schedule an appointment for a prom or bridal makeover.

During conference we got the pleasure of seeing make up artist Kevin James Bennett work his magic on an old Merle Girl and a young one too.

And can you really prove you’ve been to a conference unless you have the photo with props to prove it? NO. So here’s proof we attended the Merle Norman Conference in Dallas, Texas 2018.